Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Value Map?

The purpose of a Value Map is to make your customer more effective and efficient when it’s time to for them make a final decision and DECIDE which property represents the “Most Perfect” decision possible. The benefit for you is powerful. If you know what “Most Perfect” looks like to your client, your positioned to advise and consult. If you don’t … you’re not.

What do you mean when you say, “You’re in the Customer Decision Business?”

Your client’s worst fear is a bad decision. And if that’s the case, they want to do just the opposite and make the “Most Perfect” decision possible. There’s too much money at stake to do otherwise. That means that both you and your client need to know what “Most Perfect” looks like to them. And that signals that both ... making a sale (Associate) ... and purchasing a new place to live (Customer) revolve around your customer’s decision. You both must know what that "Looks Like". So, if you want a fool-proof way to achieve your goals (referrals and lifetime loyalty), it’s as easy as making first making your customer’s goal (most perfect decision possible) your goal too.

Why does the Value Map process cost what it costs?

The Reimagine Selling process, specifically the Value Map is a one-of-a-kind process. And it's not for everyone. It's specifically for those that want to be different and provide a "World Class" experience for their customers/clients. They realize that their process will separate them from all of their competitors. They also understand that customer trust, loyalty and referrals will drastically increase. You might think of your investment in terms of one sale. For a $300,000 sale, all things being equal, will cost less than 1% of one sale ... per year ...per person. And I can guarantee, if you use the Value Map process correctly, it will more that pay for itself in time and money.

How would I benefit if I used the Value Map?

First of all, you’ll differentiate yourself from competitors with a process that benefits your customers. In a world where customers have a hard time deciding which alternative would be best for them, you need to be helping them with what’s most important to them … their decision. Do that and you will help yourself with: • More Sales • Less Time to Make a Sale • Happier Customers • More Referrals Most of all ... if your company or personal VALUES include putting your customer's experience ahead of your own agenda ... the Value Map Process perfectly demonstrates your intention.

Why did you create the Value Map process?

I noticed things happening that shouldn’t be … and things not happening that should be. As much as everyone is about their customer ... over time the industry seems to have turned into a “Traffic” and "Deal" business. But let’s take that a step further. Look at any CRM or training program and the story unfolds. If it isn’t all about generating a lead ... It’s about nuturing a lead. And if it isn’t about those things, it’s about discovering the current problem ... presenting a solution and closing the sale. While this might seem like the right thing to do ... it really represents the "Number One Sin" when selling a high-ticket product. I created the Value Map process to address high-ticket selling for both Realtors and New Home Sales Associates. It's meant to set you apart … and take you to the "Next Level" in your relationship with your customer. Simply stated, it's the only process that allows you to help your customer make the “Most Perfect” decision they possibly can make.

Who would like using the Value Map?

The Value Map is for everyone that knows there’s a next level, but doesn’t know what it is, or how to get there. It’s for the Associates that want to elevate to the "Next Level" in their career and be different than all the rest. And It’s for the Associates that believe “Perfect Decisions” are possible … and won't rest until they help their customers make the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.

Will it be hard for customers that complete a Value Map on their own?

Not a bit. The system will lead them through ... step by step.

What happens when you send a link for your customer to complete a Value Map on their own?

The link includes a letter explaining what your customer needs to do to get started. Once they click on the link to begin, The Value Map process becomes a self-guided tour. It should take them about 15 minutes … possibly 20 to complete. Once your customer is finished, the Value Map is submitted back to you. You will receive notification when that happens.

How long does it take for us to complete the Evaluation Process (Step 2)?

Not more that about 5 to 10 minutes at each property. Your customer just needs to decide how well each priority matches their definition of the “Most Perfect” decision.

How long has the Value Map been around?

The Value Map concept began 20 plus years ago. At first, we used the Value Map questions and took notes. Next, we completed Value Maps by hand (on a form). For the last 8 to 9 years we have been using a digital Version. First it was 1.0. Next, it was Version 2.0 … and fianlly Version 3. Currently, we have tested this Version for about 6 years and are blown away with the results.

How many clients have experienced The Value Map Process?

We don’t have the exact number, but not less than 5000 and not many more than 8000 in the last 8 years. We were more interested in the results of the Associates that used the Value Map, and more than that, the results produced for their customers.

How long does it take for my customer to complete a Value Map?

Whether you send a link for your customer to do on their own, or you sit with them to complete a Value Map, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Who would like the Value Map?

Anyone that wants to reach “Next Level” performance should use the Value Map process. The people that use it seem to have different motivations. Some tell us that they want to differentiate and separate themselves from their competition. Others say that trust and client loyalty are most important. Finally, there's a group that says it saves them a lot of time. In fact, it accomplishes all four of those. But a word of caution. The Reimagine Selling program is like everything else. It’s easy and powerful, but only as good as the effort you put into it. I notice that the Agents and Realtors that do best, are competitive and innovative ... and looking for an advantage over their competitors. They most of all, want their customer's experience be unlike experience they could find elsewhere. To them, customers come first.

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