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Our Story

Sometimes you end up at the right place at the right time. It certainly happened to me. Way longer ago than I’d like to admit, I was lucky enough to find myself mentored by a number of people on the “cutting edge” of their industries. They introduced me to words like SPIN Selling, Psychographics and PIMS. Needless to say, back then I was overwhelmed, confused and often found myself saying, “Huh"?. Through it all, I learned to look “forward” when everyone else was looking “back”, and “up” when it was popular to look “down”. So, instead of looking to being better at understanding selling, I learned to be better at understanding how people make big and important decisions. It’s been a long process.  And along the way, I’ve officially made enough mistakes to call myself an expert.  But with each “mistake” the process has grown to be better and better and better.  Now, it’s exactly where I always thought it would be … filling a void in the Homebuilding and Real Estate Industries and supplying a roadmap to next-level performance. The Value Map isn’t for everyone and not meant to be. It’s a toolkit for the dreamers ... the achievers ... the difference makers ... the sales consultants that believe their customers are the “Hero of the Story”. So I’m looking to work with the innovators, the forward thinkers and the dragon slayers. It’s those people I want to partner with ... and together define “The Future of Home Building”.

Meet Rick

Rick is a rebel that lives outside the box. And doing that, brings creative, innovative and cutting edge programs to an industry determined to color between the lines. When Rick shouted “Focus On the Client,” others were screaming “Focus On The Sale.” And when he advocated “Deeper Connections,” others proposed “Relational Connections.” Now, Rick talks about a client in terms of the “Most Perfect Decision,” while others talk about a client in terms of a “Solving Problems.” So Rick developed a process that allows you to unpack your customer’s story so that you see what they see, feel what they feel, and speak like they speak. It’s called the Value Map. And it was born out of the belief that there is a remarkable opportunity Homebuilders and Realtors are missing. Rick started his career selling New Homes and earned Rookie of the Year, followed by Sales Person of the Year awards for a company with well over forty associates. A year later he was the top associate in Denver. Next, Rick worked as Vice President of Sales and Marketing garnering Marketing Director of the Year in two separate Regions before being selected as National Marketing Director of the Year. About the same time, he was invited to attend Value Council meetings at the Strategic Planning Institute. Rick also blogged and was a contributing editor for one of the America’s leading magazines. Rick has worked with hundreds and hundreds of Home Builders, Brokers, Associates and Teams. As a result of Rick’s Value Map process, a nine year study that showed they consistently out-performed their peers in customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and sales.

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