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Guarantee Trust

What's the secret to powerful, trust-based relationships?

Trust isn’t about how honest you are … how much intregity you have … or how experienced you might be. 


Customers award their trust to the agent that does the best job of “diving deeper” … and asking the sort of questions that expose unconsidered needs, potential gains and the undiscovered, but critical aspects of their their decision. 


So it’s the questions you ask, that determines the level of trust you develop with your customers.  The Value Map builds your customer’s appetite to continuously share more and more information.  And in the end, the more information your client shares with you, the more they end up trusting you.  


Sales Consultants who master the art of asking specific questions, in a specific sequence and in a specific way … end up guaranteeing themselves a powerful, trust-based relationship.  And what does that mean?


Now, your customer knows that “You know what they know” … but on a deeper level than all the others.  And that’s the key to making your customer the “Hero Of The Story”.  And getting there is easy.  


The Value Map provides you with the type of questions you’ll need to ask … and the sequence to ask them.   Most of all, it provides your clients a platform to tell their story.  

Guarantee Loyalty

Did you ever lose a sale because of client loyalty?

Customers today are showing less loyalty than ever before.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  


On one hand, associates have allowed themselves to be talked into doing the same things over and over again.  On the other, there hasn’t been any breakthrough strategies for many years.  The problem is that customers have changed and Home Builders  haven’t.


The world is crowded with sales consultants that claim to provide better service, a better experience, or better product  knowledge.  But from a client’s point of view, there’s not much difference between one agent and the next.  And as a result, customers don’t know who should be the focus of their loyalty.  And for that reason, they opt for the best deal, best promise, or lowest price.


The Value Map solves any issues you might have with customer loyalty.  And that’s because you’ll be providing a one-of-a-kind experience they will never forget … and come to believe they can’t do without.  

Save Time

What if you could make a sale in half as many visits?

Selling is more about understanding what value means to your customer than it is about your product knowledge, negotiating skills, or experience. 


Research shows that top performing sales associates ask 4 times more “Value Questions” than the average agent.  And it’s these questions that provide the catalyst for you to help your customer make the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.  That’s critical.


Only the Value Map provides the questions most closely associated with success with customers making a High- Risk/High-Ticket decision.  Ask those questions and you’ll guarantee more success in less time.

Stand Apart

Does your sales process stand apart from the competition?

The goal of most selling processes is to make the sale.  The goal of The Value Map process is to help customers make the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.  Value Questions achieve this and reflect the new role of the Modern Sales Associate.  


The Home Building Industry is changing at a pace like never before … and your customers are changing even faster.  Which means that you must change too.  But the solution is simple and can be explained quite easily:  


“Your not selling Real Estate … And you’re not selling homes either.  You’re selling your ability to help your clients make the “Most Perfect” decision possible.”  


When you start with a Value Map, you “See” what your client sees … “Feel” what they feel … and position yourself to “Share” the journey with them.  In the end, you have a process no one can match.

Sell More

Is it getting harder to reach monthly sales goals?

Today’s top producers transcend the usual questions that explore what their customer is looking for … their current dissatisfactions, what’s important and the “must haves/nice to haves”.   And you must too. 


In today’s market, you must focus on the Value Questions that lead to conversations regarding your customer’s daily comfort, security, privacy, health, and entertainment comparisons … as they work, play and interact with family and friends. 

Value Conversations allow both you and your customer to compare, evaluate and decide much more effectively and efficiently. 


Only the Value Map allows you and your customer to have a shared reference, a shared vocabulary and a defined reference point.  Now you both see the same picture, speak the same language and are able to share your clients story.   It’s the “heart and soul” of your success.  

More Referrals

What if you could end up with a lot more referrals?

Today’s clients don’t want to make a good decision.  And they don’t want to make a great decision either.  With so much money involved … today’s clients today want to make the “Most Perfect” decision they can possibly make.  


Today’s customers want someone to treat them as an individual with a unique story, rather than someone with a story like everyone else.


Sales Consultants are treating their customers like commodities, and at the same time, their clients are begging to be treated as unique individuals.  Most associates think they already treat their customer’s story as unique and believe they are gathering enough information to prove it.  But research shows that what they’re doing is only the beginning.


Currently, the questions sales associates are being taught to ask, only represent about 25 to 30 percent of the information needed to move from hardly any referrals … to a good number of referrals … to all the referrals they can handle.


Use the Value Map to help your customers make the “Most Perfect” decision possible … and they’ll do anything and everything to help you too.  

"For me, it’s always been about adding value to my client’s experience. Certainly everyone else claims to have the same objective. The difference is that the Reimagine Selling process is the proof that separates me from all others. And that translates to more Referrals and amazing Customer Loyalty."
Darlene Tanenbaum
Keller Williams Realty
"This thing is big. No, it’s epic. And the thing that matters ... my customers think so too. As fast as the industry is changing, I knew that I had to do more than just keep up." The Value Map allows me to "Dive Deeper" into the things my clients value most in a new place to live. I couldn't recommend it more."
Christina Calderaio
Better Homes and Gardens
"I’ve spent the last 20 years hearing the same message repackaged. If you’re looking for a clear direction that makes your client the “Hero of the Story”, you’re in the right place." When I was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Newmark Homes we used the Value Map program. I've been a fan ever since.
Janice Hurst
Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty


After beginning the Value Map process, Associates averaged a 19% first year increase in sales.


Sales Agents using the Value Map increased sales 6% the second year for a total of 25%.


Consultants using the Value Map produced a 38% increase in customers “More Likely” to refer.

The Value Map™

The Value Map provides agents and their customer a shared reference, a shared vocabulary and a defined standard. Now, both see the same picture, speak the same language and are able to share their customer's story. The Value Map is easy. It self-guides agents and their customers through the process:

  • Customers define what the “Most Perfect” decision looks like to them.
  • Customers evaluate and rate how well their definition of "Most Perfect"matches what you have to offer.
  • Associates and their customers discuss and decide what decision is “Most Perfect” for them.
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